Parking Guidance РOptima 

Tripwire and IBERSEGUR always looks ahead to develop innovative and efficient solutions for its clients. In line with this philosophy, we present our latest initiative: a fullfeatured integrated system to manage car parking spaces with many advantages for your business.

The Optima car park guidance system improves the occupation rate of your car park and optimises space rotation, while also ensuring user safety and comfort. Its clear and functional guidance components provides accurate information and help drivers find free parking spaces quickly

The Optima system operates autonomously with any car park system, although its Lince integrated version undoubtedly offers the best results providing an accurate and reliable counting tool.

Advanced Features

Adjustable Light Intensity

Optima can automatically adjust the intensity of car park lights and/or indicators in the zones used depending on occupation, thus reducing your business’s power consumption and environmental costs

Temperature Map of each floor and lot

The feature offers a view of the changes in temperature in the different car park zones as a complement to the fire alarm system, enabling you to make decisions on ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as the additonal safety it provides

IP Socket

All movements and events recorded by the Optima system are sent to an IP address for integration in any external software

Dynamic Access

Integrating Barriers into the system in order to open/close areas or levels that are totally controlled by the Optima system depending on occupation

Indication Signs

Automatic forcing of signs to ‘Full’ or ‘Do not Enter’ thus directing traffic towards a car park zone or level